Commercial Maintenance Programs

We provide a maintenance program that fits the needs of each commercial property, which consist of 46 or 52 visits per year.

Property managers have great responsibilities these days.  With the property security, budgeting and demand for tenants, time management becomes a big focus, we can help by lessening the amount of time you will need to manage your landscaping needs. 

Coastal Exposures Landscape, Inc. will maintain the exterior landscape maintenance and provide you with great customer service.  Our teams will monitor the health of your landscape, and offer you ideas on how to improve the over landscape look for the future.

We offer quality treatment for commercial accounts which include, hand pruning bed areas, pruning of all need tree lines, and complete blowing of the entire property.

Seasonal Color

At Coastal Exposures Landscape, Inc. we have trained staff that knows which flowering seasonal plants will thrive in our area.  With this we consider plant location, lighting, color and size for each individual property.  With plantings twice a year, you will always have beautiful blooms in your flower beds year round.  

Chemical Application

At Coastal Exposures Landscape, Inc. we are proud to offer 2 licensed Chemical Technicians that specialize in making sure that you lawn is in the best of health year round.

We take great pride in the overall health of your landscape. We off a rigorous chemical program that includes a complete breakdown of seasonal treatments that is designed to supplement good maintenance practices. We provide pre-emergent treatments that prevent unwanted weed growth before it starts. Two fertilizer applications keep both your turf and bed plants healthy and vigorous throughout the growing season. 

Insecticides and post-emergent herbicides keep your landscape free of pests and annoying weeds. The health and beauty of your landscape is our #1 priority. Our chemical program is led by licensed professionals who take not only the health of your plants in consideration but also the safety of the homeowner and their pets. With a good maintenance routine and a balanced chemical program your property will look its best from year to year.

After many hours of study our specialized treatment chemical program application schedule is as follows:

  • Plant fertilizer @ 2 applications / year
  • Bed Pre-emergent @ 2 applications / year
  • Turf fertilization @ 2 applications / year
  • Turf Pre-emergent @ 3 applications / year
  • Insecticides @ 2 applications/year
  • Post Emergent weed control @ 2 applications/year


At Coastal Exposures Landscape, Inc. we have an irrigation plan built around the needs of each commercial account, which makes sure that the irrigation is up and running correctly.  

Pine Straw & Mulch

For a commercial account Pine straw/mulch can make all the difference in the overall look of a property.  We provide installation of pine straw/mulch which can be included in your monthly payment for budgeting needs or it can be billed as needed.